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SC Tagging Annual Review 2022

I thought our followers might find this tagging summary interesting, as it includes some interesting recaptures for fish tagged in SC waters.  The amount of recaptures returned and not retained was over 90% –  a great sign, and I have observed less “retains” on my tagged fish in the past several years.  An unscientific, but optimistic sign of things changing for the better as angler mindsets change over time.

SC 2022 Tagging Summary


Targeting Big Trout, and Why Release Over 20″

Dave was invited to give a seminar at the 2023 Haddrell’s Point Tackle Fishing Expo on the subject of targeting big speckled trout and the rationale behind Release Over 20.  The seminar was videotaped and lasted 1 hour.  We would like to thank Mike Able Jr for the “prime time” slot and standing-room only audience.  Hope you enjoy it!

Get On Board! A New Program For Guides Who Support RO20

We are proud to announce a new program for Charter Captains who support Release Over 20, called Get On Board!  We are looking for Guides to partner with us to help promote the concept of releasing bigger fish.  There are so many upsides, including a better fishery in the future, and more trophy fish for your clients to catch.  But, if that is not enough, we have built in incentives for both Guides and their Clients to participate.

What’s in it for Captains/Guides?

  • We list your business on our state pages, as guides that support Release Over 20, including your logo and contact information.
  • We rank your guide service based on the number of client releases.  The more releases, the higher your ranking
  • We plot monthly, yearly, and all time Charter releases nationally.  See how you rank among all other charter services in the nation!
  • We provide you with important science-backed information about WHY we should be releasing these fish

What’s in it for Clients?

  • We provide free decals for captains to give to clients who simply agree to participate in Release Over 20 at the start of a charter, regardless of whether they are able to catch a fish to release.
  • We include a special monthly giveaway only for client releases.  Prize pack value averages around $100 and is made possible by our growing list of corporate sponsors.  The more the client releases, the better their chances of winning.

How to get Started

First, please check your state page (you can find this page under the Leaderboards menu) to see if you are already registered with us.  If you are, please check your current information and let us know if anything needs to be changed or updated.  Once you’re all set, you can order your starter pack here.

If you are not yet registered, please go to the Registration page (found under the Login menu), and follow the link to add your Charter Business information.  Please be ready to upload your logo.  Let us know if you need help.

Once your Charter Business is entered, complete the one-time registration process for yourself, as the captain.  You will see a place where you can associate your charter business with your registration.

That’s it!  You’re all set.  Now, to enter your client’s releases, you only need to log in with your username/password and most of the fields will be pre-filled out.  You just need to enter your client’s fish information.  Should be super fast and easy.  Please enter your client’s fish before the end of the month.  We only want entries from the current month please!

Now, you can go to our store and order your Starter Kit.  And, when you’re ready for more decals you can order more here.

Thanks, we appreciate you who are partnering with us.  Let’s make a measurable difference in our fishery by participating in Release Over 20!


I’m not too tech-savvy.  Can someone help me get set up?

Yes, of course!  Please send an email to and we will help you.

What if I need more decals?

No worries!  You can order more decals here.  Won’t cost you a dime.

What if I’m registered as a captain, but I’m out fishing for myself.  Can I enter my releases?

Yes, but we ask that you only enter them personally.  Please do NOT put your name in the Client name box.

Why do I have to register?

It’s for a few reasons.  It will make it easier for you to keep the data clean and consistent.  If you are inconsistent with how you enter your information, your releases may count under what looks like two people when its really one, for example.  It will make it easier and faster for you also.

Can my client enter their fish instead?

We ask that you do not have your clients enter their fish.  Most captains we have spoken to believe that most clients probably won’t enter their fish anyway.  We do ask that you enter fish for your clients.

Announcing: Cast It Forward

The Post and Courier is excited to announce Cast It Forward benefiting Release Over 20″. Release Over 20″ is an initiative to encourage recreational anglers to voluntarily release all spotted seatrout, southern flounder, and sheepshead over 20 inches to help conserve local fisheries.

Date:  Saturday, February 5th, 2022
Time:  11 AM to 5 PM

Join us at Firefly Distillery for an inaugural event bringing together anglers and other outdoor and conservation enthusiasts alike, featuring:

  • Panel discussions from some of the most influential anglers in the Lowcountry
  • Demonstrations for adults and kids
  • Oyster Roast + Barbecue from Crazy Dutchman Catering
  • Food Trucks
  • Live music from Southbound 17
  • Auction with proceeds benefiting Release Over 20

Purchase Tickets

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