Month: March 2023

SC Tagging Annual Review 2022

I thought our followers might find this tagging summary interesting, as it includes some interesting recaptures for fish tagged in SC waters.  The amount of recaptures returned and not retained was over 90% –  a great sign, and I have observed less “retains” on my tagged fish in the past several years.  An unscientific, but optimistic sign of things changing for the better as angler mindsets change over time.

SC 2022 Tagging Summary


Targeting Big Trout, and Why Release Over 20″

Dave was invited to give a seminar at the 2023 Haddrell’s Point Tackle Fishing Expo on the subject of targeting big speckled trout and the rationale behind Release Over 20.  The seminar was videotaped and lasted 1 hour.  We would like to thank Mike Able Jr for the “prime time” slot and standing-room only audience.  Hope you enjoy it!