Becoming a Corporate Sponsor of Release Over 20″

We are actively soliciting new Corporate Sponsors.  We are looking for companies with any product or service that anglers would enjoy.  We ask very little of our sponsors and it’s our goal that our sponsors have a return on investment for doing so.  It’s our goal that our sponsors love being a part of Release Over 20″, and want to continue to partner with us long term.

We only ask that you send us in-kind samples of your products that we give away to our participants as a reward for releasing their fish.  Integrity and traceability is important to us, as it is to you.  Your items are stored in a secure location and we keep track of items donated, to whom, and what is left in inventory.  100% of the items donated goes directly back to our participants.

In turn, we feature your logo on our website and social media with links to your website, and your products are featured in front of our growing community of followers.  We make sure that our followers are aware of who our sponsors are and spotlight sponsors at each monthly giveaway.  We want to be clear that sponsorship is non-exclusive, so we will include multiple sponsors of a given type of product, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of items?  We ask for a few “bigger” items (like a reel) and more smaller items (apparel, decals).  When we have bigger items we often feature them during our giveaways, and the smaller items help us get your brand in front of our followers in each giveaway.
  • How many items?  We currently do a giveaway every month and often multiple per month.  We ask that you include enough items that we don’t have to come back to you more than approximately once a year for more items.  We don’t need to include an item in every prize pack but we would like to include something at least once a month, so a minimum of a dozen items is requested.  That being said, we are grateful for anything our sponsors are willing to contribute.
  • Where do I send my items?  Please send your in-kind items to Release Over 20, 7341B Peppermill Parkway, North Charleston, SC 29418.  When received, your items will be cataloged in our accounting system inventory and transferred to a secure storage location where our sponsor in-kind inventory is kept until it is donated.

To get started, please send an email to Kerry Browning at and we will get you set up.  We will also need a high quality logo for our website and social media.

Thank you for becoming a Corporate Sponsor!

Examples of Typical Giveaways: