Charter Service Incentives

For a while, we have wanted to get more charter captains actively involved in release over 20. It’s likely that the majority of larger fish are caught by the charter fleet, and a growing number of captains are on-board with release over 20 and are not seeing a decline in charters as a result.  Most simply explain the science to their clients and they are 100% on board.  To that end, we have made a few simple changes to encourage more guides to get involved.  Charter captains can now add their business to our list of participating guides (only has to be done once), and then it can be selected by the client or a guide entering fish for their client.

Here is a step by step tutorial for getting set up.

If you don’t already have a user account:

On our landing page, go to the Login tab at the top of the page

Click Create/update an account



If you are a charter captain, click register your guide service



on this page, first check if your charter or guide service already exists in the database.  the list is alphabetical by charter name.



if it is there, you can click back to registration form.  If it is not there, enter your information, then click submit



charter will now appear in the list



click back to registration form.  Fill out the form, and check i’m a professional guide and select your charter service




after you register, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.  Once that is complete, whenever you log in to your account in the future, all relevant fields in the fish entry form will be pre-populated with your information, saving a lot of time and keeping the database clean!  If you are entering a fish for your client, there is now a field next to your client service with a place for their name.

If we pick this entry during our monthly giveaway drawing we will contact you for your client’s information and send them the prize pack.  A Big incentive for your client’s to release their big fish!



We now separate fish released on a charter from fish released by recreational anglers.  You can now see how your charter service ranks among others in the nation for releases!



Updating an existing user account

If you already have registered an account, all you need to do is log in and choose Create/update Account.  Then, simply update your account with your charter service (if you are already a guide) and click Update.  You’re all set!

We hope you find this pretty simple.  Creating or updating an account is simple and fast and saves you time and keeps the data accurate.  A Win-Win!

we also have a step-by-step guide on our Youtube page @releaseover20 that can be found here

Cast It Forward Featured Guests

We’re excited to announce our lineup of featured speakers / panelists for Cast It Forward on Saturday, Sept 5th.

“Charleston Fishing, Then and Now”, featuring Ralph Phillips and Mike Able Sr. Mike and Ralph (along with Zed White) were two of three original guides in Charleston back in the day. In my opinion, everyone’s idea of what fishing used to be is relative to their own experiences. Mike and Ralph will reset your idea of what used to be, and perhaps could be possible again. I’ve heard the stories from both of them in private conversations. I think hearing of how thing used to be will be mind blowing to most of us. If you wouldn’t mind, please respond to this post by answering this question. If you had one question to ask these two, what would it be? Panel will be moderated by Tommy Braswell.

“Women in Fishing” This panel will be great because we have four women anglers representing different aspects of the fishing industry. Pamela Corwin, outreach director for SCDNR; Kelsey Dick, marketing director for Shimano North America (and a VERY accomplished angler in her own right); Capt Tanya Dowdy, she is a charter captain for ReelChica charters; and Mandy Henderson, an avid recreational angler in Charleston. Panel will be moderated by Pamela Browning, publisher of the Post and Courier and also an avid angler.

“Strategies to Target Gator Speckled Trout”, featuring Capt. Matt Chipperfield from Jacksonville Florida. If you’re an avid trout angler, no doubt you’ve heard of Matt. Matt has a degree in marine biology and uses his education and analytical mind to understand seatrout behaviors to better target giant trout. This will be a can’t miss discussion for the serious inshore angler. Conservation and the Release Over 20 organization are very near and dear to Matt’s philosophies.

And last but not least, our featured speaker will be Capt. C. A. Richardson from Flats Class TV. CA really needs no introduction. He will speak about the importance of conservation and sustainability and also I’m sure a few tips and tricks to improve your fishing.

In addition to all this will be a bunch of educational booths and kids activities by our own SCDNR, vendor booths, and a meet and greet for a number of local fishing influencers who have aligned with the Release Over 20 philosophy.

This is shaping up to be a great time. Our oyster roast is the day before Boone Hall, and if you are looking for a less crowded alternative for oysters, here we are. Proceeds from the event will go to our new 501c3 non-profit Release Over 20. We have a new website, if you want to see what this nationwide conservation is all about, please check out

Event will be at Firefly Distillery on Saturday, Feb 5 and goes from 11am to 5pm. I hope to see you there!

Tickets at:

Announcing: Cast It Forward

The Post and Courier is excited to announce Cast It Forward benefiting Release Over 20″. Release Over 20″ is an initiative to encourage recreational anglers to voluntarily release all spotted seatrout, southern flounder, and sheepshead over 20 inches to help conserve local fisheries.

Date:  Saturday, February 5th, 2022
Time:  11 AM to 5 PM

Join us at Firefly Distillery for an inaugural event bringing together anglers and other outdoor and conservation enthusiasts alike, featuring:

  • Panel discussions from some of the most influential anglers in the Lowcountry
  • Demonstrations for adults and kids
  • Oyster Roast + Barbecue from Crazy Dutchman Catering
  • Food Trucks
  • Live music from Southbound 17
  • Auction with proceeds benefiting Release Over 20

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